Hello, I'm Meijie. Product Designer at Uber. Previously at StubHub, SAP, Philips, and Georgia Tech HCI.

Launched Jul 2017

Fleet Match

Connecting car owners and drivers who need a car.
Launched Apr 2017

Fleet Onboarding

Empowering new and returning fleet managers to onboard seamlessly on Uber.
Launched Aug 2017

Uber Cash Collection

Enabling fleet managers and vehicle financiers to collect their money back.
Launched Aug 2016

Uber Driver Funnel

Unlocking Uber earning opportunities for anyone, regardless of their vehicle ownership.
Launched Nov 2016

Fleet Web Dashboard

One web app to manage the entire fleet business.

© Designed and built with a lot of tea in San Francisco. Thanks for taking a look at my work and learning about what I do. When not designing, you can find me reading geography books, watching The Amazing Race, learning Spanish on Duolingo, or planing my trip to Antarctica.